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Of all the technology that we provide to the retail sector, the one technology that needs virtually no explanation is CCTV.  As a technology solution to a massive problem, CCTV solutions have been around for many years.  Today, the quality and reliability has never been higher and the cost has never been lower.  The enormous benefits of having a reliable and high quality CCTV system in store are very clear.


When installing CCTV equipment in store the main categories have remain the same for many years:

  • Reduce shoplifting
  • Reduce employee theft
  • Provide evidence regarding health and safety issues
  • Provide quality marketing data relating to shopper habits
  • Improve employee efficiency and deter bad practice
  • Supply evidence for police and other authorities


Security is just one of the benefits.

Whilst CCTV systems are often associated with matters of security, these days the retail industry is also very interested in using CCTV to assist with its marketing and data analysis. Retailers can now understand customer behaviour far better and use that information to improve their profitability, 

Improve store efficiency.

One of the surprising and often unexpected benefits of having CCTV security cameras in a retail environment is the impact we have found it has on store efficiency. Staff behave differently when a camera is installed and when they know that information can be viewed at any time in the future.

RETEC: Suppliers of leading CCTV equipment for in store use

No two premises are ever the same although we often come across the same problems. RETEC are experts at recommending the best CCTV solution for your store, headquarters or warehouse. Our security equipment offers a level of reliability and cost effectiveness never before seen in this sector and we offer free advice to retailers who are looking to improve their bottom line.

Our CCTV solutions include:

  • Full HD CCTV solutions for best possible image quality
  • Fixed or moveable camera options with or without zoom
  • A wide range of manned or unmanned CCTV solutions
  • High performance DVR security solutions (Digital Video Recorder)
  • Complete in-store coverage from a range of high quality recordings systems for night and day requirements
  • A huge choice of NVR (Network video Recorder) equipment
  • Storage on cloud or locally or both for total security recall

RETEC - Experts in the supply and maintenance of CCTV equipment for the retail sector

Speak to one of our team today to see how we can help you choose the most suitable CCTV equipment for your organisation.

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