Chip and Pin Machines

The Chip and Pin machine has become commonplace and most customers expect this technology to be available. The customer experience at the point of sale is vital and to that end chip and pin technology needs to be fast and reliable.

Retec is a supplier of leading edge Chip and Pin technology for Retail trade and have a solution whatever the size of your organisation.

Chip and Pin Machines for the Retail Industry

Chip and Pin machines take a heck of a bashing these days. Choosing the right machine may sound like obvious advice but customers get very agitated when the technology is anything less than perfect.

At Retec we can advise on a whole range of chip and pin solutions and help you decide what is best for your needs. We will advise on the best machine sand the best software and we provide the complete in-store installation and training for your staff.

Reduce the Risk of Fraud

The main advantage of chip and pin is the fact that the transaction is authorised instantly which massively reduces the risk of fraud. Instant payment also means that administration departments do not need to chase late payers or even "bad" debts.

Chip and Pin means greater Customer Choice

One of the big benefits of chip and pin is that the customer can choose to pay directly from their bank account using a debit card or put it on a credit card to help their cash flow. If they have a choice of cards that makes the purchase an even easier decision.

Chip and Pin means you can trade from anywhere

For many retailers and office based businesses, the ability to trade while away is huge advantage. Customer are notoriously hot for a short period of time; closing a deal and taking the money up front can be a real game changer. You don't even need a fixed phone or broadband connection since Chip and Pin terminals operate wherever there is a mobile network connection.

Chip and Pin payments on the move, allow you to make the most of face-to-face dealing with your customers.  Whether you are at their premises, an exhibition, roadshow or similar event.

RETEC will advise you on which is the best product for your organisation to make sure you have the right product and the very latest chip and pin technology.

Suppliers of Chip And Pin Technology

The best range, the most competitive prices and a team of experts to ensure you get the right technology for your organisation. Choose RETEC if you are looking to upgrade your existing Chip and Pin machines or looking to make use of this technology for the very first time.

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