Footfall Counters

Footfall counters are a simple piece of technology that have had a revolutionary impact for consumers and retail businesses.

The concept is very simple — sensors at an entrance measure the number of people coming and going. The sensors use infrared technology that counts each time a beam is broken and some systems can also provide data on whether someone is coming or going.

Footfall Counters Solutions for the Retail Sector.

The data that footfall counters generate can be used to analyse the way a business is structured and to optimise performance. For example, conversion rates can be benchmarked and tracked against future conversion results to measure performance and identify the factors involved in success.

Marketing and advertising campaign success can be monitored against the traffic generated and tweaked to deliver improvements and more focused results. Plus, the business can be streamlined to reduce cost and improve efficiency without a negative impact on the customer experience. The insights available could change the way that the business operates and, crucially, the way it performs.

Benefits include;

  • Engage staff at all levels
  • Increase sales and manage costs
  • View and report on real-time data
  • Set targets and communicate
  • Tasks from Head Office instantly

Reliable & proven products from the leading manufacturers.

RETEC supply the most robust and reliable Wi-Fi products on the market today. Our systems provide total and continuous coverage without black spots or drop out for the best possible user experience.

Maximum security - totally compliant.

By using a combination of secure channels for both staff and guests we ensure that there is no compromise on quality or security. We also provide full statistical analysis to show visitors, access and all relevant sales and marketing data.

RETEC - Experts in the supply and maintenance of Wi-Fi equipment for the retail sector

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