Wi-Fi Solutions

At RETEC we recognise the value of Wi-Fi to the profitability of your business.  Did you know that around three quarters of all the shoppers in your store have a Wi-Fi capable device in their pocket.  Never in the history of retailing, have we had a opportunity like this and those retailers that adapt and adopt to the new technology available will achieve the best results.

Wi-Fi Solutions for the Retail Sector.

Providing a Wi-Fi experience for your customers means they will not only stay longer in your store but they will thank you for the experience. No longer will customers be rushing off to the nearest coffee shop for their caffeine and connection fix and whilst they are in your store, you have the ability to communicate with them at a level that your marketing team could have only dreamt of ten years ago.

RETEC can show you which products will best achieve your corporate objectives as well as supply, install and maintain the systems as well

Reliable & proven products from the leading manufacturers.

RETEC supply the most robust and reliable Wi-Fi products on the market today. Our systems provide total and continuous coverage without black spots or drop out for the best possible user experience.

Maximum security - totally compliant.

By using a combination of secure channels for both staff and guests we ensure that there is no compromise on quality or security. We also provide full statistical analysis to show visitors, access and all relevant sales and marketing data.

RETEC: Shopping Made Smarter.

Providing Wi-Fi in your store is not just about giving your customers access to the internet. What you are doing is enabling them to do what marketers want most in life and that is to "engage with your brand".

If you don't lead the way you are handing your competitors your customers on a plate. And remember, the customers that are engaging with your brand may not even be ion your store yet. They may well be next door - looking at your competitors products.

Use Wi-Fi to Attract, gain Interest, create Desire and encourage Action - namely to spend money with you.

RETEC: Experts in all areas of Wi-Fi integration for the Retail Sector.

RETEC - Experts in the supply and maintenance of Wi-Fi equipment for the retail sector

Speak to one of our team today to see how RETEC can help you choose the best Wi-Fi technology for your organisation. 

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