IT Procurement for the Retail Sector

The retail sector has changed beyond all recognition in the last ten years and technology has played a major role in that change.

As customers become increasingly sophisticated in the use of IT the retail sector is almost running to keep up with customers expectations. Early adopters in the retail sector are getting the lion's share of the profits by improving the 'customer journey'.

Retec are leaders in this field and can help retailers of all sizes improve their performance in this area.

Whether you need in-store kiosks, state-of-the-art till systems, transactional iPads or social screens in-store; Retec can advise, supply, install and support at every level.

IT Procurement - Spending wisely.

CIPS make the point that the retail sector is struggling as technology in the retail space becomes increasing complicated. Better retail procurement will often be the determining factor in whether next year's profits will be better then last year. It's not so much about how much you spend as how much you get back in return. At Retec we think your bottom line is what drives the growth in our industry.

RETEC: Best in Class.

Procurement managers and buying teams need to consider the entire package before spending their money. A joined up technology approach will always deliver better results than a patchwork of IT solutions that do not work together. Retec are experts in this field and can advise on the best solution for your retail expansion.

RETEC: Value for money.

Value for money is still the number one priority for procurement managers. John Lewis famously introduced virtual changing rooms a few years ago but had to hastily remove them when they discovered the poor results. At Retec we can give expert advice to ensure the systems you install will always achieve your corporate objectives.

IT Procurement for the Retail Sector- a joined up approach.

When suggesting how new technology can be used within the retail sector, Retec always consider two very important factors:

  1. Is Data Security top of the agenda?
  2. Will the new technology work with legacy systems as well?

New technology solutions need to keep the retail sector at the cutting edge but consideration must always be given to the legacy technology that is also in place.

RETEC - The leader in IT procurement for the Retail Industry.

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