Air conditioning systems are now ubiquitous in buildings, and for good reason.  They help to boost levels of comfort, which in turn will increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.  You’ll also notice a marked boost in morale, which will quickly spread through the workplace. Staff are also likely to be far more productive, as they’ll be less likely to be distracted by the stress of being too hot or cold.

As well as considering productivity benefits, it’s worth taking into account the savings that climate control will confer to the building itself and the equipment in it. Failure rates for computers and other key hardware will be influenced by an excess of humidity, as moisture in the air can cause electricity to arc between different circuits.  What’s more, air conditioning will protect the building itself damp and other moisture-related problems.

If you’re running a retail building, then the need for comfort will be all the more pressing – since potential customers are unlikely to linger long in an environment that they don’t find comfortable. An air-conditioned environement is likely to provide respite from the world outside, and therefore an opportunity to make more purchases. This isn’t just so in summertime; while we might think of air-conditioners as cooling devices, they’re also able to act as heaters, meaning we can achieve an optimal temperature whatever time of the year it might be.

Merchanidise Protection

The continuous exposure of products to hot temperature can cause the products to deteriorate much earlier than their actual perishable date.  A good Air Conditioner system in your retail building will work to keep your inventory and equipment cool, lessening the chance of failure of waste. 

Understanding Client Needs

Obtaining the full requirements of the customer needs is the first major step in delivering a project. The key element is to make sure that the client’s needs are understood and communicated clearly to the Project Team. Changes can prove costly and time consuming especially when the project is already in full flow. If  all requirements and expectations are fully understood before  any work commences, the project will get off on the right foot and will mitigate risks further down the line.

Customer Comfort

One of the great benefits of having an air conditioner at the retail store is definitely the comfort of your employees and customers. Just imagine how difficult could it become for your employees and customers to get into the buying and selling process if the interiors of the store has high temperatures? 

Full Project Management

Once the design has been established we will provide full details of the project management team who will be responsible for the installation from the date of commencement through to completion and will ensure that the plan is adhered to and that the client is informed of progress every step of the way.  Once we have the project sign off, our responsibility for the system does not stop there.


With so many differing solutions available, many of which need to be built from the ground up, planning can look a little daunting at first.  If you are about to start your journey we can help, advise on what is best, source it and complete the installation as well.


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