In today’s digital world, more and more customers are turning to online sources when shopping for products that they need or want. This, of course, is leading to less and less footfall into physical retail stores on the street.

One of the ways in which the retail industry is combating this effect is through effective design. Retail design is a combination of the interior décor, physical layout and use of advertising within a shop and it can be the difference between a space that is appealing and a store that is instantly forgettable.

Good retail design is something every retail store-owner should consider carefully as its benefits are far-reaching.

Showcase your Products

The right retail design can showcase your products in such a way as to visually merchandise them. When it comes to the layout of your space, you should ensure that there is enough room to effectively highlight your products so that your customers can instantly observe them.

Provide your customers with a logical path through and around your store to enhance their browsing experience and prevent them from having to navigate around rails and displays to find the product they are looking for. By doing this, you can showcase the appearance of your products, draw customers in and encourage them to purchase more.

Benefits to Staff

There are also clear benefits of a good retail design for staff. A well-laid out and tastefully decorated space will give staff pride in their workplace and boost their overall productivity which has a knock-on effect in boosting their morale. In creating a comfortable retail space, you also create a comfortable workplace that can improve staff retention and loyalty.

Distinguishing yourself from your competition through effective and well thought-out retail design has many benefits for your business, both in terms of turnover and from an employer’s point of view. By encouraging customers to step into your store, rather than going online to find what they are looking for, you will ensure the success and prosperity of your retail business.

Reinforce your Brand

With so many different product lines and brands clamouring for customers’ attention, making your brand stand out from the crowd is vitally important. By making effective use of your retail space, you can positively reinforce your brand with your customer every time they visit.

In addition, you can highlight aspects of your brand by creating a particular feel or providing a unique experience for your customer. For example, if you are a luxury high-end product retailer you can create an atmosphere of indulgence and opulence by using soft furnishings, low music and simple décor.

Full Project Management

Once the design has been established we will provide full details of the project management team who will be responsible for the installation from the date of commencement through to completion and will ensure that the plan is adhered to and that the client is informed of progress every step of the way.  Once we have the project sign off, our responsibility for the system does not stop there.


With so many differing solutions available, many of which need to be built from the ground up, planning can look a little daunting at first.  If you are about to start your journey we can help, advise on what is best, source it and complete the installation as well.


Our team are waiting for your call. We would love to hear about what you are trying to achieve in your retail business and show you how we can improve your performance and increase your profitability. Alternatively use the "Contact Us" form opposite.


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