Design and presentation play a highly important role in the retail world. Decoration, lighting, chosen furniture, window display design and any other visual merchandising and visual branding aspect you can think of is absolutely essential to create the perfect shopping experience for your customers, raise brand awareness and, of course, increase sales.

Retail lighting impacts the shopping experience of any customer, can affect employee productivity and will make our break you brand, through the way it emphasises merchandise and plays a big role in physical store operational costs.

Understanding Client Needs

Obtaining the full requirements of the customer needs is the first major step in delivering a project. The key element is to make sure that the client’s needs are understood and communicated clearly to the Project Team. Changes can prove costly and time consuming especially when the project is already in full flow. If  all requirements and expectations are fully understood before  any work commences, the project will get off on the right foot and will mitigate risks further down the line.

Light - Benefits to the Retailer

  • Retailers can fashion a mood to complement their product.
  • Products look their absolute best, by enhancing their appearance.
  • The right lighting has a positive effect on everything from first impressions to checkout.
  • Elevates brand image and helps create a stronger customer-brand bond.
  • Anything from jewellery to clothing and groceries requires fantastic lighting to help drive sales and move merchandise.
  • It is an effective merchandising and marketing tool.
  • Good lighting improves operational costs and helps save on energy consumption.
  • Can prove to be a great advantage over competitors.

Light - How it Affects your Employees

  • They become more focused on their tasks.
  • They enjoy their work more.
  • They become friendlier.
  • They become more productive.
  • It communicates workplace standards and brand standards that help them become advocates and multipliers.


How Light Affects the Customer Experience

  • Attracts and invites customers into the environment.
  • Guides customers through the store.
  • Draws their attention to specific products and allows for a better examination and appreciation.
  • Creates an atmosphere that helps customers relax, get comfortable or excited.
  • Affects moods, behaviors(people tend to follow bright paths, brightness focuses attention and aids orientation) and buying habits.
  • Communicates the fact that you have a well established merchandising strategy and that you want to offer them the best experience. It can also communicate about the quality of your products/services and even the price range your store has to offer.
  • Increases the chances of a sale.

Full Project Management

Once the design has been established we will provide full details of the project management team who will be responsible for the installation from the date of commencement through to completion and will ensure that the plan is adhered to and that the client is informed of progress every step of the way.  Once we have the project sign off, our responsibility for the system does not stop there.


With so many differing solutions available, many of which need to be built from the ground up, planning can look a little daunting at first.  If you are about to start your journey we can help, advise on what is best, source it and complete the installation as well.


Our team are waiting for your call. We would love to hear about what you are trying to achieve in your retail business and show you how we can improve your performance and increase your profitability. Alternatively use the "Contact Us" form opposite.


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