A suspended ceiling is simply a hanging framework suspended from the existing building soffit into which a variety of different types of ceiling tiles or plasterboard can be installed, depending on the application purpose.

We work with suppliers who offer wide range of suspended ceilings which can help reduce noise and present a more finished appearance. All our suspended ceiling solutions can improve insulation, saving you money on heating bills, can improve acoustics and reduce noise pollution and available in a selection of styles.

For either a refurbishment or a fit out project our team will look at how your retail space and find the most suitable and aesthetically pleasing ceiling solution for you.


Understanding Client Needs

Obtaining the full requirements of the customer needs is the first major step in delivering a project. The key element is to make sure that the client’s needs are understood and communicated clearly to the Project Team. Changes can prove costly and time consuming especially when the project is already in full flow. If  all requirements and expectations are fully understood before  any work commences, the project will get off on the right foot and will mitigate risks further down the line.

Managing Change

Change is part of every project no matter how clear the initial statement of works stated or how simple the project is. WIKI details a project as the following: “In project management a project consists of a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result” The Project Manager’s role is, at the beginning of the project, to anticipate any problems or potential areas for change and create plans to deal with them. During the project, our role is to use the skills and techniques mentioned in the previous four points to manage the change effectively.


With so many differing solutions available, many of which need to be built from the ground up, planning can look a little daunting at first.  If you are about to start your journey we can help, advise on what is best, source it and complete the installation as well.


Our team are waiting for your call. We would love to hear about what you are trying to achieve in your retail business and show you how we can improve your performance and increase your profitability. Alternatively use the "Contact Us" form opposite.


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